7 Road Trip Tips

Now that the weather is warming up, road trips are starting to look like a pretty good idea! Whether you plan to take a Spring Break or a summer road trip, there are a few things you need to know beginning your adventure.

To prepare for your drive, check out at these 7 road trip tips!

1. Clean your car before you go

A bunch of friends packed into a cramped car for hours on end can be chaotic enough; don't make matters worse by filling the car with trash. Before driving off on your road trip, take some time to clean out the inside of your car: pick up the trash, empty out your glove box and do a little vacuuming. You'll thank yourself (and your friends will thank you, too) a few hours down the road when you've accumulated fast food wrappers and gas station receipts.

2. Take back roads, but have an escape plan

If you're taking a leisurely road trip without a strict schedule, be sure to check out some scenic routes. If you're patient and up for an adventure, you'll be surprised by the interesting local scenery and stunning views! However, we advise always being aware of your surroundings and having an escape route. Scenic tours are beautiful, but most of them have small winding roads that may induce car sickness. Make sure to prepare!

3. Save money on gas

Fill up before you go, since you are probably already familiar with the places around your home with the best gas prices. When looking for gas stations on the highway, select an exit with several choices so you can pick the best one. To drive longer without filling up, use cruise control on long stretches of highway. This avoids the constant acceleration and deceleration that wastes gas. Also, don't drive over 60 miles per hour. This is considered the optimal speed for fuel efficiency. Any faster, and your car will begin to waste gas. Finally, when driving at high speeds, use your air conditioner instead of driving with the windows down. According toHowStuffWorks.com, driving with your windows down puts more drag on your car and causes it to burn more fuel.

4. Get your car checked before you go

Road trips can be tough on your car, so it's important to get a car inspection before you go. Nothing brings down a road trip like a flat tire, engine trouble, a broken air conditioner or a dead battery. Have your vehicle examined before you leave in order to avoid an auto repair on your trip. Visit any Christian Brothers Automotive right now and mention "Spring Drive." You can get a free road trip inspection on your vehicle!

5. Be knowledgeable and prepared

Always pay attention to your gauges and warning lights. If a warning light turns on, it is important that you know what it means and what to do. Here is a helpful list of warning light symbols to get you started. And don't forget about your spare tire! Check the tire pressure in your spare tire and make sure you have all the proper parts for installation just in case you need it. If you do end up having a tire blow-out or running over a nail, here is a guide to help you change your flat tire. Finally, make sure you bring a basic repair kit in case anything happens. Include different size screwdrivers, a tire gauge, vice grips, mechanic's wire, duct tape, flashlight, jumper cables, a small gas carrier and a first aid kit.

6. Don't overdo the driving

Your reaction time while driving isn't as good at night as it is right after you wake up and start your day! We recommend driving no more than 11 hours a day maximum and taking frequent stops to get out of the car and stretch. It's also helpful to plan rest days into your road trip schedule. Add some extra days into your itinerary so you can actually enjoy your trip! It is not only easier on your car, but will be easier on your mind because you won't feel so rushed. You might even have time for some fun, unexpected stops.

7. Skip the junk food

It's very important to be nutritious and drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated on road trips. Instead of stopping at gas stations and filling up on fatty foods that are just going to give you indigestion and make you feel uncomfortable, pack a road trip cooler! Fill your cooler up with ice in the morning and, instead of going to the gas station, go to the grocery store to load up on fruits, vegetables and nuts. This way, when you do feel hungry, you'll be prepared with fresh and delicious snacks!

Whether your vacation is a few days or an entire week, we want you to enjoy your road trip! These 7 road trip tips will grant you a hassle-free road trip. Spend more time having fun with family and friends, and less time worrying about pesky repairs, clutter, feeling tired or spending too much money.

If an unexpected automobile issue happens to occur on your road trip, Christian Brothers Automotive is always here to help. Call the nearest Christian Brothers Automotive location and our professional staff will be happy to assist!