Don't Top Off Your Gas Tank

It’s easy to want to leave the gas nozzle in your tank at the station to round out the sale. However, topping off your gas at the tank not only adversely affects the environment—your wallet takes a negative hit as well.

Your gas nozzle is designed to automatically click off for a reason—to alert you that your tank is full. When you top your gas tank off, most of the time the gas reverses, flowing directly into the station’s tank again because your gas tank is already full. Your tank doesn’t get any fuller, and your wallet only gets emptier.

Gas station pumps today are designed with vapor recovery systems. These preventative systems stop gas vapors from escaping and affecting air pollution levels. The station’s vapor recovery system can, however, operate incorrectly or fail entirely when you top off your gas—further polluting the environment.

Your gas also needs room to expand inside your gas tank. When you top off your gas, you leave little or no room for gas to expand, causing the gas to collect in the vapor collection system of your car. If the system fails to function properly, your car can have high gas emission as a result.

Visit your local Christian Brothers Automotive shop today, and ask a skilled auto repair mechanic to check your gas tank and vapor collection system to ensure your car is in optimal driving condition.