Unexpected Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

Unexpected Reasons Your Check Engine Light Is On

There are few feelings more intimidating than watching your car’s “check engine” light blink to life. This little light is so confusing simply because there are so many possible reasons it has suddenly decided to make an appearance. Driving around, hoping and praying the light turns off won’t do much good. If your “check engine” light has recently turned on, here are three possible reasons why.

1. Your O2 sensor is failing

The combustion process requires a very delicate mixture of chemical gasses. The O2 sensor monitors these gases to make sure the right amount of oxygen is present. When the O2 sensor fails, the vehicle cannot perform as needed. This significantly reduces fuel economy and could end up costing thousands in damages. Replacing your O2 sensor at the first sign of trouble will save time and money in preventable repairs.

2. Your spark plugs are worn out

Spark plugs ignite the fuel as it flows through the engine’s cylinders. Spark plugs are a small part of the vehicle and fairly cheap to replace – usually about $10. However, failing to replace a spark plug could lead to catalytic converter failure or other serious problems.

3. A loose or broken gas cap

Your vehicle is pretty good at warning you of any potential trouble. Something as simple as forgetting to replace the gas cap could cause your “check engine” light to come on. This is because the gas cap keeps vapors from escaping the fuel tank. A loose or broken gas cap can dramatically reduce fuel efficiency and increase emissions.

Never again feel intimidated by this little blinking light. As soon as the “check engine” light turns on, call Christian Brothers Automotive in Springfield. Our ASE-certified technicians will perform a full diagnostic and find the source of the light’s sudden appearance.