Tire Rotation

Tire Rotation

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As long as our tires are full of air and keep our vehicles rolling forward, we often assume that they’re in good condition. But there are other important considerations when you’re assessing the condition of your tires, including the overall wear of the tread and any uneven wear that results from the natural functioning of your car. In many cases, a tire rotation can alleviate this potentially dangerous situation.

If you can’t remember the last time your tires were rotated, we invite you to contact us at Christian Brothers Automotive. For nearly 35 years, our experienced, friendly auto repair professionals have been transforming the way our customers experience car service. We’re prepared to walk you through your repair and maintenance options so you can make informed, confident decisions about the health of your vehicle.

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The Importance of Tire Rotation

As our vehicles move along the road, our tires are exposed to many kinds of wear and tear. Rear tires usually wear in a uniform way, but front tires can wear unevenly due to the different numbers of left and right turns we take and the road conditions. This means that our front tires can become more worn, diminished, and prone to failure over time. Faulty alignment can cause tires to wear unevenly too.

Worn tires can cause

  • Blowouts
  • Diminished performance (due to worn treads)
  • Tire noise
  • Wheel vibration

Too many drivers think of tire rotation as an optional luxury with little effect on their day-to-day travel. This is a dangerous mindset, because most of us don’t discover problems with our tires until something happens to one of them on the road, sometimes at very high speeds. Christian Brothers Automotive is ready to help you be vigilant about these issues and ensure the longest life possible for your tires.

Want to learn more about our tire rotation service? Contact our proven professionals today.

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