Four Common Services Offered at Auto Repair Centers

As a car owner, four common services your car will require are:

  • Oil Change An oil change is one of the most common services performed on a car, and most cars require an oil change every few thousand miles. Just one important way to ensure a long life for your car, this routine maintenance keeps your car in tip-top shape.
  • Alignment Sometimes your car might feel like it’s tugging to one side, leaving you fighting to drive it in a straight line. If this sounds familiar, something in your car is misaligned. Visit an auto repair shop and have your car serviced—if left unattended, alignment problems can cause further damage to a car’s tires, suspension system, and other vital parts.
  • Tire Rotation & Services It doesn’t take long for tires to get worn down or need repairs—after all, they’re the legs of your car. Tire services, including tire rotation, patching, or replacing, are common auto shop repairs that are easy to fix and quickly serviced.
  • Brake Service Brake repair is another routine service among mechanics and auto repair shops. Whether you’re replacing the brake pads or just checking the brakes on a car, schedule regular tests to ensure the performance of your car’s brake system.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, our skilled technicians service everything from brakes and air filters to power steering and oil changes. Whatever type of car issue you may be experiencing, we’ve got a remedy for it. Visit the Maintenance & Repair Services page on our website, and select the specific car service you’re interested in to learn more. Still not sure what’s going on? Call your local Christian Brothers Automotive and book an appointment today.