AC Services

AC Services

Stay Cool and Comfortable All Year Long

If you’ve ever experienced AC issues in your car or truck, you know how uncomfortable driving can be, especially in the midst of summer. If you turn your AC all the way up and it still isn’t offering relief from the heat, there’s a reason. Don’t settle for driving with the windows down, sweating from the humidity and sun. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we specialize in automotive AC repair and can help you get back to travelling comfortably again.

Common Vehicle AC Problems

There are numerous variables that could cause your AC to break down or simply not work as well as it once did. These include:

  • Clogged or Leaking Condenser
  • Improper Refrigerant Level
  • Refrigerant Cross-Contamination
  • Unresponsive Pressure Switches
  • Damaged Compressor
  • Clutch Problems
  • Broken Belt
  • Moisture and Debris-Ridden Filters
  • Leaks in the AC System
  • AC Control Head Malfunctions

Many times, diminished AC quality is due to low refrigerant levels. However, we will inspect your entire AC system to determine if low refrigerant is the only culprit, and offer cost-effective solutions if we find additional issues.

We do not recommend attempting to “recharge” your AC yourself with a DIY can from the store. Adding refrigerant unnecessarily or incorrectly can cause irreparable damage to your AC system.

Occasionally, your AC system will usually warn you when it’s struggling or about to fail.

Common Vehicle AC warning signs:

  • Sound: If your AC is making unusual noises through the vents or under the hood, it may be failing.
  • Smell: If your vehicle has taken on an unexplained odor, it could be more than the three-day old fast food or used gym clothes in your back seat. Your evaporator could be full of bacteria build up.
  • Feeling: If your AC is blowing inconsistent temperatures, you could be facing bigger problems with your compressor.

Let Christian Brothers Automotive Help

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we utilize modern diagnostic technologies to get to the root of your AC problems, and offer honest and transparent solutions to any issues you may face.

As your partners in automotive care, if your refrigerant levels are low, we will recharge your system and add the appropriate amount of refrigerant to help your AC blow cold air again. We will replace a broken condenser, leaking tubes, or dirty air filters. No matter the issue or vehicle, we’ve seen and done it all. Trusting Christian Brothers Automotive to handle your AC system service and repair is a decision you can feel confident making.

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