Scheduled Maintenance – What to know

So you’re sitting in rush hour traffic trying not to be irritated, staring at the hind end of some huge diesel blocking your view of the scenery,. You can’t grab your phone because you’re driving, so think about how many miles you’ve driven. If you’re close to certain limits, pay attention: it’s time to see the mechanics at Christian Brothers in Tyler, TX

We’ve all heard about those pesky chores like getting the oil changed, and it’s pretty obvious when you need new wipers, but many people don’t think about maintenance when their odometers reach milestones. This unfortunate oversight can mean financially devastating problems such as your car wearing out too quickly or even catastrophic engine failure. It could also puts you in danger of victimization by unscrupulous mechanics, and car dealers.

Start getting the information you need:

• List all your services: Have you ever worried because that notice on your windshield regarding your next oil change fell off? Making a quick log of all the work done can solve everything. You can use a book or app to track service appointments, and you can also track things such as transmission flushes, windshield wipers, belt and hose replacements and more with this method. Tracking fuel and dipstick checks can help you track performance and see problems ahead of time.
• Check out your manual: All vehicles should have a manual just for them, and these booklets go over the maker’s word on maintenance for your auto. A lot of drivers don’t understand that these recommendations can vary from one car to another, so they end up having to rely on what potentially unscrupulous mechanics say about the maintenance their auto needs. We know the correct specs for every auto we service at Christian Brothers Automotive in Tyler, TX, but you can’t blindly believe everyone. If you do, it could cost a pile of money over the years.
• Don’t forget to wash your vehicle: Looking good is not the same as working properly a lot of the time, but keeping your vehicle nice and tidy top to bottom is vital to proper maintenance. If you don’t often go to the car wash, the dirt will damage your paint.
• Compose a list: Forgetting about auto maintenance is common, but a good method for getting everything done is to make a list of all the maintenance your auto requires right when you buy it. Then, document each item as your auto is maintained. If you’re not crazy about keeping a notebook, there are simple digital solutions that can help.