Make Sure You're Getting Quality Auto Parts

Auto parts fall into two categories: original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and aftermarket. Car parts made by a specific car manufacturer are classified as OEM car parts, and aftermarket parts are defined as any vehicle part not sourced from the car’s maker. Both groups of auto parts offer pros and cons—either can be a good choice, depending on the particular situation and part type.

When you choose an OEM auto part, the selection is straightforward—directly from your car’s maker. You can also count on greater quality assurance overall and a full warranty. However, OEM parts are traditionally more expensive. It’s a common myth that OEM parts can only be purchased through a dealership. Christian Brothers Automotive can acquire OEM parts and get them for your vehicle – no matter the make or model.

Aftermarket parts are typically less expensive, and the quality has the possibility of being equal or greater compared to an OEM part. You’ll also be able to choose from a larger selection. If the car part is a direct replacement part, your warranty won’t be jeopardized either.

Radio host of “America’s Car Show” Tom Torbjornsen estimates that around 80 percent of independent auto shops use aftermarket parts.

Ask your local auto repair technician at Christian Brothers Automotive what kind of part is best for your auto repair. Their trustworthy opinion, in-depth industry knowledge, and honest recommendations will help you make an informed decision about your auto car part replacement—whether it’s an OEM part or an aftermarket part.