Get Real Time Text Message Repair Updates with CBA's Digital Vehicle Inspection

Get Real Time Text Message Repair Updates with CBA's Digital Vehicle Inspection

Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI)

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we believe you should be in the driver’s seat when it comes to your automotive care.

What is a DVI?

While our experienced and certified technicians will handle your repair or service, they’ll keep you informed of the process every step of the way. With a complimentary Digital Vehicle Inspection (DVI) on every visit, you’ll see firsthand photos of your vehicle from under the hood. We’ll let you know if everything is functioning properly or if there are any areas of concern. You can even approve or deny our service recommendations straight from your smartphone, or you can, of course, give us a call and we’ll explain our findings in further detail.

How does a DVI work?

During our DVI, our automotive professionals check the major systems and components of your vehicle to ensure they’re running in efficient harmony. From the fluid levels to the battery, to hoses, belts and more, our goal is to keep you, your family and your car safe on the road. The DVI takes the stress of automotive maintenance off of your shoulders because you’ll know the state of your vehicle any time you bring it to us. Simply schedule an appointment, and we’ll do the rest.

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Our team at Christian Brothers Automotive is here to help you navigate the complexities of your automotive maintenance. Whether you need something as routine as an oil change or something more involved such as an engine repair, we’re here for you. Schedule an appointment with any one of our nationwide locations today.