How does outside heat affect my AC?

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In the heat of the summer, comfort is key when you’re driving. The last thing you want to face is a broken or failing AC. Rising outside temperatures put extra strain on your entire car and its entire cooling system, from the battery and belts to hoses and fluids, requiring each part to work overtime to keep your vehicle cool.

Make sure your car is ready to stand up to the heat. Let an ASE-certified technician at Christian Brothers Automotive perform a full coolant system check-up on your car. At Christian Brothers Automotive, our inspections include thorough service and treatment for your car’s cooling parts, including the radiator, coolant, hoses, water pump, and cooling pump, all of which play major roles in keeping your engine and car’s temperature under control.

What else can I do to protect my AC in the heat?

·Let a certified technician check your AC and fluid levels. If your refrigerant levels are low or if you have a leak in the system, your AC won’t be able to cool properly.

·Schedule regular maintenance. Routine service checks will help prevent heat-related problems with your AC, battery, and other electrical systems.

·Run errands during the cooler morning or evening hours of the day. By avoiding the hottest times of the day, you’ll put less strain on your car’s AC system.

·Make sure your engine oil is at the proper level; it serves as a lubricant and helps keep your car cool.

·Check your battery. Heat zaps your car’s battery, which can, in turn, also affect the performance of your AC.