My Car's A/C Isn't Cold—What's Wrong?

My Car's A/C Isn't Cold—What's Wrong?

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Whether you're getting ready for a summer road trip or just running around town, there's probably one thing you want working more than anything else: your air conditioning – especially if you live in areas where summers can reach upwards to 100 degrees!

Instead of having to sweat things out this summer or waste money on ineffective refrigerant fill-ups that'll end up leaking out, the team at Christian Brothers Automotive is here to help. Not only can we help with AC maintenance and repair services to keep you cool all year long, but also we can provide useful insight into why your AC may be broken in the first place.

What Are Common Car Air Conditioner Problems?

It can be hard to locate the reason for your air conditioner problems due to the complexity of your AC system and the countless things that can go wrong. Some of the most common AC problems we see drivers dealing with include their:

  • car's AC is blowing hot air
  • car's AC isn't as cold as it used to be
  • car's AC is not blowing any air
  • car's AC is weak
  • car's AC is not turning on

Many things can cause these problems, from prolonged exposure to extreme heat (ironic – huh?) and even normal wear and tear. When determining what is causing your car's cooling problems, consider these 4 Suspects:

Suspect #1: You Have a Leak

Leaks are not an uncommon issue for many cars, but that doesn't mean you should ignore them. Your car uses a refrigerant in your air conditioning system, but when that refrigerant leaks out of your cooling system your car will have nothing to dispel heat with. Any fluids like freon refrigerant can leak out slowly over time or may drain more quickly out of a crack or leak in a line or seal.

Look Out for Green or Yellow Stains Under Your Car

A fluid leak can indicate that your AC is leaking, but it can also be a sign of a much more serious problem. At the first sign of a leak under your car, it's time to schedule an appointment with a trustworthy mechanic to repair it and ensure proper levels of refrigerant.

If your system is leaking you'll notice your air conditioner not blowing very cold. Just let your mechanic know, so they can check for leaks in your cooling system before checking out any other potential issues.

Suspect #2: Your Compressor Won't Engage

A compressor uses refrigerant to dispel the heat and cool the air flowing into your car. If there is an electrical fault in your AC system, your refrigerant is low, or your vehicle is overheating, the computer in your car may automatically shut down the compressor to protect the system from damage. If there's an issue in your engine, the air conditioning system is one of the first systems to automatically shut off.

If this is the case in your car, it can be a sign of a much bigger issue than your AC that'll need a professional inspection. Your mechanic can check your car for other problems, including electrical issues and overheating issues, to narrow down what could be causing your compressor to shut off.

Suspect #3: The Blend Door is Stuck

When you switch your car's climate control from heat to AC, a small door inside your ventilation system moves to allow heated or cooled air into the system. This part is known as the blend door.

A stuck or broken blend door is actually pretty common. When this happens, it’s like leaving the front door of your home open on a hot summer day; the AC system is running but cannot stop the hot air from coming in. It can cause hot air to blow even though you have your car’s air conditioning system turned on and the temperature cranked to the lowest level. Your mechanic can easily replace this part, so take your car into the shop to complete the repair as well as rule out other possibilities.

Suspect #4: Your Fan Has Stopped Working

Obviously, one of the most important parts of your system is the fan that pushes the cool air through the vents. If your fan breaks down, your system simply can't blow the cool air out. There are several possible causes of this, from bad wiring to a part simply being worn out. Regardless of the cause, it could be a big job that may require the removal of your entire dashboard in order to properly service the AC system.

If you suspect that a faulty AC fan is the reason why cool air isn't coming out of your vents, consult with a professional mechanic beforehand for a complete inspection of your system and vehicle. They can help you quickly locate the exact reason for your problems and prevent damaging your dashboard or other interior systems trying to fix your fan on your own.

Save The Summer & Get AC Repair Services You Can Trust

While you may be considering DIY repair for any of these problems, it's best instead to turn to the professionals as soon as AC failure symptoms are spotted in your vehicle. Not only does turning to the pros ensure the correct problem is being diagnosed, but also you can rest assured that you're getting a repair that will truly fix the problem, instead of applying a band-aid for temporary relief.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we've been fixing driver's ACs all over the country for decades! Don't face the summer without an efficient, reliable, and COLD air conditioning system in your vehicle. Bring your car to one of our local auto shops today to get started with a free comprehensive vehicle courtesy inspection. If diagnosing is needed, we can do that, too!

Find your nearby Christian Brothers Automotive repair shop today to schedule your visit!

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