How To Choose The Best Windshield Wiper Fluid for Your Car

How To Choose The Best Windshield Wiper Fluid for Your Car
| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

If you own a car, you’ve likely purchased windshield wiper fluid once or twice before. It’s an essential car fluid and should be checked regularly to keep things in order. At Christian Brothers Automotive, we’ve helped our fair share of customers daily with all types of windshield wiper maintenance services, usually involving wiper fluid.

While windshield wiper fluids seem to only be different in color, this is not the case. Not all types of windshield fluids are created for the same purpose. While this may not be the most difficult part of owning a car, it’s an important piece of maintenance every car owner should have a basic understanding of.

Before we begin, we should answer: What is windshield wiper fluid?

What Is Windshield Wiper Fluid?

As the name suggests, windshield wiper fluid is used for cleaning your windshield. Not only does the fluid allow the wipers to glide across your glass to rid of any debris, streaks, or smears, the fluid often contains some sort of cleaning solution to help with the actual cleaning.

Windshield wiper fluid normally comes in three forms:

  • Pre-mixed liquid that is ready for use out of the bottle
  • Additive or concentrate liquid that needs to be mixed into water
  • Tablets or crystals that have to be dissolved into distilled water

Found under the hood of every car, the fluid is poured into a secure reservoir. You can use your vehicle’s controls, normally located on a stick to the left of the steering wheel, to spray the fluid onto your car’s glass. Your windshield wipers take care of the rest.

Generally, windshield wiper fluid is sold at many auto shops, auto part stores, as well as gas stations. And before you ask, no – you should never use regular water in replace of a windshield washing solution.

What Are the Types of Windshield Wiper Fluid?

Classic Blue Windshield Wiper Fluid

The old tried and true wiper fluid, classic blue windshield wiper fluid can be found at virtually any gas station or convenience store. While it’s a pretty good option for general all-season fluid, you’re going to need to spray a few more times – or hand scrub – some of those dead bugs and debris away. Just like all wiper fluid, you should double-check the temperature recommendations on the bottle to ensure you are choosing the best one for your area.

Bug Repellent Wiper Fluid

Most experienced car owners live and die by windshield wiper fluid that features some type of bug repellent. Whether labeled as a straight “bug wash” or sporting a label that shows the inclusion of these ingredients, bug repellent wiper fluid is designed to keep those splattered bugs away and off the front of your car.

When you use regular fluid, bugs can begin to splatter and smear, often creating a bigger mess than there was in the first place. Bug repellent solutions help to create a surface that prevents bugs from sticking altogether, allowing for an easier clean.

Usually, when your fluid is labeled as any type of bug wash, it’s also great for cleaning up any other debris that might obstruct your vision and ruin your car’s appearance. From tree sap, bird droppings, to pollen, bug repellent washer fluid is usually worth the extra few bucks.

Water Repellent Wiper Fluid

In areas where constant and heavy rainfall is a common occurrence, it can become a difficult task to drive a car daily. Since constant rain decreases your vision on the road, it can result in major accidents on the road. While you should already invest in heavy-duty windshield wipers, your windshield wiper fluid should be designed with water repellent in mind.

There are a variety of products currently available that feature water-repellent solutions, so water beads up when it lands on your car and rolls off instantaneously. This improves your vision, as well as ensures the safety of yourself, your family, and everyone else on the road.

Concentrated Formula Fluid

If you’re looking for the best all-season cleaning solution, it’s recommended to go with a concentrated formula. Not only does this reduce the need of lugging around a huge bottle in the back of your trunk, but this also ensures you’re getting the value you want.

The concentrated wiper fluids usually come in a type of liquid that requires only a small amount to be added to the appropriate water, which guarantees savings while preventing your windshield from getting dirty.

Antifreeze Wiper Fluid

If you live in a colder climate, listen up. As you may know, fluids freeze when temperatures begin to drop. When it’s time to fill up, you’re going to want to make sure you use a windshield washer fluid that contains the best mixture of antifreeze for the temperatures you’ll be experiencing in your car.

Luckily, most brands will put the temperature the fluid is designed for right on the bottle. When you match the fluid with the average low temp in your area, you’ll have found the right one for your vehicle.

If you need any help finding the right windshield wiper fluid for your car, give our team a call. We are more than happy to discuss exactly what you’re searching for, so we can find the best solution for you.

Windshield Wiper Fluid Services

When you need your windshield wiper fluid topped off or ready to purchase an advanced solution, be sure to turn to our expert team at Christian Brothers Automotive for all of your windshield wiper maintenance. We’re committed to delivering you the auto services you need quickly, efficiently, and free of any worries. When you’re ready, locate your closest auto shop by using our store locator.

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