Car Care Tips for Extreme Heat

Car Care Tips for Extreme Heat
| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Extreme heat is no joke—it can damage almost everything in your car, no matter how well-built the various components may be. However, that doesn’t mean you have to settle for just dealing with a car that slowly falls apart because of the sun—taking care of your car and taking some proactive steps can actually help you keep your car in better condition during the year’s hottest months.

Park in a Covered Spot

The easiest way to protect your car when it’s blistering hot outside is to park in a covered spot. Covered parking makes an incredible difference for your car: it preserves leather, prevents burning, and even prevents dashboards and other important components from fading, cracking, or falling apart because of prolonged hours in the extreme heat.

When you consider that the average interior temperature of a car can soar well above 150 degrees Fahrenheit during a warm day, taking the time to locate a covered parking spot will save you both money and the headache, particularly as your car ages. This will also prevent your paint from fading, your windows from turning different colors, and display screens on your car from burning in the heat.

Use a Sunshade

Sunshades are your hot-weather friend. Most people think of them as clunky, tedious, and obnoxious, but here’s the truth: they work. A good-quality sunshade can keep your car dozens of degrees cooler than leaving the windshield completely exposed, particularly if you park at an angle where the sun beats down through your windshield for hours every day. This leads to dash fading, cracking, warping, and a whole host of other problems that you’ll have to contend with.

By taking a few extra minutes to put up a sunshade when you know you won’t be returning to your car for quite some time, you can prolong the life and condition of your vehicle.

Monitor Your Battery

Batteries don’t like to work all that well when it’s too cold outside, but on the other end, they die quickly in extreme heat. When the temperature outside climbs, your battery’s condition will suffer. If you live in a particularly warm climate, such as that of many southern states like Texas or Florida, you may find that your battery only lasts two to three years at the most because of the sweltering summer temperatures your car has to survive year after year.

Check Tire Inflation

Finally, hot weather means your tires will be impacted. As air gets hotter, it expands, and as it expands, it puts more and more pressure on what is containing it. This means you’ll need to take care to check your tires and make sure they’re at a good inflation level. Be mindful that when your tires are cool, the air inside will read lower than what it will read once you’ve been driving for a little while and your tires have been able to heat up. If your tires are overinflated, they run the risk of uneven wear and possibly leaking or bursting.

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