The Car Battery Guide for Warm and Cold Weather

The Car Battery Guide for Warm and Cold Weather

Warm Weather Car Battery Care

Many customers in warmer climates don’t know that hot weather often drains your battery. High temperatures cause the battery to corrode and liquids to evaporate quickly causing a short battery life. It’s important to take preventative measures with your battery in warm climates. The heat from the sun and heat produced under the hood have the potential to rust your battery. Water in the battery quickly evaporates causing the battery to wear out faster than usual.
To make sure the water in the electrolyte isn’t evaporating, you should check the liquid levels in you car’s battery. Most batteries will have filler caps you can check to make sure the water is at the fill line. If you’re having difficulty, the friendly staff at Christian Brothers Automotive in Sandy Springs, GA can check your batter for you.
As always, clean the top of the battery and keep debris and corrosion from building up during the summer. You can use a scouring pad or brass brush to remove dirt and corrosion build up. Another reason your battery may be acting up is the voltage regulator. Your voltage regulator maintains the proper charge level on a car’s alternator. If it malfunctions, the alternator can overcharge the electrical system and cause the components to fail.

Cold Weather Car Battery Care

Eventually all climates get colder. Cold weather reduces the battery’s capacity and drains the power. As a result, often times our cars will refuse to start on those frigid mornings or after some late errands. At zero degrees Fahrenheit, the typical battery holds half the charge as usual. Try to mitigate your car’s exposure to the elements while it’s parked. If you have access to a garage, definitely use it.
If you’ve kept your car battery clean and clear of any corrosion through the summer, you should be all set for winter. However, it’s never a bad idea to keep jumper cables in your car just in case. In a pinch, a friendly neighbor can give you jump to get your car started. From there, you should have you battery tested to make sure it won’t happen again in the near future.
Stop by Christian Brothers Automotive Sandy Springs to check your battery all season long and keep it running well. We have the expertise to test and clean it properly. When it’s time for a new battery replacement in Sandy Springs, GA, our local auto repair shop will help you find a quality battery for your car or truck. Don’t hesitate to call us and schedule your next appointment before the cold really sets in!