The Do’s and Don’ts For A First Date Car Impression

The Do’s and Don’ts For A First Date Car Impression
| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

A first date can be a wonderful thing, and more than likely if you’re going on one you want to make a good first impression. But a good first impression can be squashed if your mode of transportation for you and that special someone is muddled.

Whether you’re picking up the other person or simply meeting them somewhere, your car will play a pivotal role for you. Thus, you’ll want to make sure your car is ready to make a good first impression with you! Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow when it comes to your car and your first date.

Do Clean Your Car & Do Avoid Smelly Foods

For many this may be common sense, and the importance of it can’t be understated. Do take that extra time out of your day to clean your car before a date. A clean car can give a good first impression that you’re attentive to details, put together, and sensitive to the care of something that depends on you.

Another big no-no that can affect the cleanliness of your car is eating fast food right before you pick someone up. Fast food before a date is not recommended because of the foul odors it leaves behind. Fast food like French fries or hamburgers have distinct smells that can linger in a car for hours afterward.

Car Cleaning Pro-Tips:

  • For car odors: If you have a lingering foul odor in your car that you want to get rid of, we suggest leaving a dryer sheet around the source of the smell overnight, and then dispose of the sheet the next day.
  • To bring new life to leather seats: Holistic solutions to clean the leather in your car includes using a dabbed rag of warm water to remove dirt buildup. Quickly dry any wetness thereafter, and then follow with household olive oil - which serves as a conditioner to bring color and shine back to your seats.

Don’t Drive Like a Racecar Driver

The feel of sheer horsepower and the thrill of speed and tight cornering is more than likely not what your date had in mind for a nice evening out. Being a reckless driver is not the kind of first impression you want to make. The last thing you want to do is ruin the night with a pointless accident or mechanical problem that could have been avoided had you decided against seizing the opportunity to show off.

High-performance driving is simply not for the first date, unless of course the date is at the local go-kart track or somewhere else where driving fast is both safe and encouraged.

Do Map Out Your Route Ahead of Time

Getting lost is embarrassing for anyone. Thankfully it’s easier than ever to get where we need to go these days thanks to smartphones and GPS navigation. However, if your data connection quits on you or you don’t get service out where you’re at, you’re not going to be able to depend on these things. Knowing where you’re going ahead of time will make you appear calm, under control, and prepared for whatever happens. This will also help ease any of the unease or nerves your date may have about going out with you. This can be admittedly a little nerve-wracking, especially when this might be the first time your date has ever been in the car with you.

Don’t Run Out Of Gas

There’s nothing quite like calling roadside assistance, or phoning a friend for help on a first date because you forgot to fuel up. We highly encourage everyone to be mindful of your fuel gauge and plan ahead if you need gas. Not only is it not safe to be stranded without fuel, but it’s also sure to ruin the joyful mood between you and your date.

Do Keep Up on Car Maintenance

Nothing is more frustrating than a car that gives out, and it’s extra embarrassing when this happens on a first date. Nobody wants to be stranded on the side of the road waiting for a tow truck while trying to entertain a date that they want to make a good impression with. Keeping up on maintenance is a great way to make sure your car is in good condition and will be able to get you and your date where you need to go safely.

About Christian Brothers Automotive

Whether your car is brand new or showing signs of age, Christian Brothers Automotive can help you keep it first-date and everyday ready. We offer a full range of car care and repair services that keep your car running reliably and smoothly day after day. From simple oil changes and tire rotations to complete overhauls, problem diagnostics, and everything in between, you can count on Christian Brothers Automotive to get you the repair you need.

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