The Best Spring Cleaning Tricks For Your Car

The Best Spring Cleaning Tricks For Your Car

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Cleaning your car can be a labor-intensive process, but it’s one that can have some deeply satisfying results and even extend the lifespan of your car’s clear-coat, paint, and interior components as well! Here are a few valuable car cleaning tricks from our auto repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive that include getting rid of funky smells, how to clean tinted windows, best practices for cleaning leather seats, and how to get rid of gunk buildup in your interior.

Getting Rid of Funky Smells

Are you greeted by strange smells when opening your car door? Do friends and family shudder and hold their nose when getting in for a ride? You may not even notice the odd smells in your car, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Whether it’s a tiny piece of rotting apple that fell between the seats, or an old, sweaty gym shirt you keep forgetting to take out of the trunk, getting rid of odors can be a challenge.

Your best friend? A box of fabric softener. Slip it beneath your seat and you won’t even realize it’s there. However, it’ll work to counteract those foul odors and leave your car smelling fresh, clean, and enjoyable all year round. You can also purchase one-time-use odor bombs from cleaning stores, but be warned that they’re only for the most serious situations, as they can help get rid of the seemingly-permanent smell of cigarette smoke.

How to Clean Tinted Windows

Your favorite window cleaner may be just fine for taking care of the outside of your car, but the inside can be much trickier if you have tinted windows. There’s a reason for this: some windows cleaners contain an active ingredient that’s great for removing dirt and fingerprint oils, but tears right through window tint, ruining hundreds of dollars’ worth of work.

If you have tinted windows, you want to buy a window cleaner that is ammonia-free. These gentler cleaners are safe to use on tinted windows, preserving them and keeping them in good condition. For the outside, another simple product that works quite well is isopropyl alcohol, which is great for removing things like bird droppings, tree sap, or other stuff that may seem downright stuck on your car.

Bringing New Life to Leather Seats

Leather is not like regular cloth, where soap and shampoo can remove stains and grime. Water can severely damage leather, causing it to crack, fade, and quickly degrade. Leather cleaner can get the job done, but it’s expensive. Instead, you can use some simple household materials you probably already have to bring your seats back to life.

First, use a rag dipped in warm water and an extremely mild soap to gently wash your seat and remove any large amounts of dirt or grime that are present. Be sure not to over soak one particular spot, and quickly dry that area after scrubbing to prevent the moisture from penetrating the material. Second, use olive oil as a leather conditioner to bring some of the color and sheen back to your seats. Use just a small amount on a dry rag, apply and spread, and then quickly wipe the seat dry.

Gunk Buildup Be Gone!

Are you sick of gunk buildup in your cup holders dragging you down? Soft drink spills, crumbs, and so much more can leave unsightly residue that could stick to just about anything you put in your cup holder, including some potentially important things you might need. To make matters worse, cleaning this gunk out can be close to impossible because you can’t actually remove the cup holder, take it to a sink, rinse it out, and then really get in to scrub it.

However, cleaning it doesn’t have to be difficult. Simply pour a moderate amount of soapy water into your cup holder and leave it for a few minutes. Make sure you have enough to completely submerge the grime in the bottom of the cup holder. After a few minutes have passed, use an old toothbrush to scrub the bottom, and then dab the water out using several paper towels. Then place a silicone cupcake liner in the bottom of your cup holder—the liner should collect the grime, and they’re a breeze to clean out.

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