Make Driving More Comfortable With AC Repairs

If your vehicle has had AC issues recently, now is the best time to have them repaired professionally. You will want your car’s AC system to be at its best when temperatures in Houston hit their yearly highs. Bring your vehicle to your local Christian Brothers for a professional AC system analysis, along with the repairs needed to get your cooling system where it needs to be.

The following areas are often involved with AC repairs in cars:

Air Filters

If you have noticed less air flowing through your vents, you may need to replace your air filter. The upside is that it is affordable and fast to replace an air filter. At our shop, we have a huge selection of air filters in stock and can quickly handle replacements.


Reaching the proper balance with your fluid can be tough to manage. Too much fluid can stop the system from keeping the air cool, while not enough fluid can ruin it. Our ASE-certified technicians will make sure your fluid levels are in the ideal spot. We may recommend a cooling system flush to remove old fluid and replace it with new fluid.


Older cars are susceptible to cracks in the tubes and seals of the AC system. We will locate and repair any of these leaks.

Houston AC Specialists

Regardless of the size of your AC repairs, Christian Brothers is the place you can trust to do it right. We are here to make sure that your travels are as cool and comfortable as they can possibly be.