Fixing a Broken Headlight

How many automotive novices does it take to screw in a headlight? If you know what you are doing, it shouldn’t take more than one. The article below includes everything you need to know to replace an old headlamp, he official name for what most of us call headlights, with a new one.

headlight2Purchasing Your Headlamp Bulb

First, identify the bulb you need to replace. Have someone sit in the driver’s seat of your vehicle and turn the lights on and off while you watch from the front of the car. Use your owner manual to determine if it is your high beams or low beams (for some vehicles, there is only one bulb).

Then you will need to write down the year, make, model, and engine type of your vehicle. This information will help you find the type of headlamp bulb you need to purchase from an auto parts store or online retailer. This will be completed through a numeric or alphanumeric identifier. Your user manual should also include this information.

From there, you have to select from bulb brands and the levels of longevity and brightness available. Brighter lights won’t last as long and those that last longer won’t be as bright.

The Replacement Processheadlight1

The next step after your purchase will be to replace the bulb. The exact steps required will vary based on the vehicle, so we can’t include that in this post. Check your owner manual for a detailed process for your specific vehicle.For a visual, look up bulb replacement videos that relate to your specific vehicle on YouTube.

Keep the following tips below in mind during this process:

      • Make sure your headlights and engine are shut off.
      • Protect your hands while working around the engine by wearing gloves.
      • Do not touch the glass. This could cause it to wear out quickly.
      • Once the light is installed, check your high and low beams to ensure they work properly.

      Help From Certified Automotive Technicians

      Still don’t feel confident in your ability to find the right bulb or replace it on your own? Bring your vehicle into our shop in Loveland and we will handle it for you. With a complete selection of bulbs, we will handle this switch and make sure your car is safe to drive.