Drivetrain and Suspension

Drivetrain and Suspension

Christian Brothers Automotive in Brandon has ASE-certified suspension and drivetrain experts. A drivetrain includes multiple vehicle parts that work together in order to make the vehicle move. The exhaust system, engine, suspension, drive shaft, transmission and wheels send power to your automobile and allow it to stay grounded on the road. Sustaining your automobile’s drivetrain can boost your engine’s performance and help you save money on fuel.

A shock absorber stabilizes the car. It’s also a contributing factor in allowing the tires to receive power from the automobile’s engine. The suspension system absorbs the power from dips, bumps and various other unsafe road objects.

Signs of a Damaged Suspension
-Uncommon wear to the tires
-Recurring resonances
-Positioning problems
-Hearing loud sounds while driving

All Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified mechanics perform top-quality service. Disregarding a drivetrain or suspension problem can lead to significant car damage and can end up costing you hundreds of dollars in repairs.

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