Are Blue Headlights Illegal?

You flash your high beams to show them they’ve got their high beams on. Then they show they didn’t have their bright lights on, it was their standard lights and they were just blue.

These bright blue lights have been infuriating motorists across the nation. This frustration comes from many motorists feel that these blue lights should be illegal because they are too bright and dangerous, sparking debate all over.

These blue beams are known as high-intensity discharge lamps or HID. HID lights aren’t new and have been used since the 1990s. Like stadium lights, HIDs warm up to reach the full potential. The brightness of these lights has led to their popularity. That intensity is also increasing the thought that several motorists believe they are dangerous.

Many drivers think that because new cars come standard with these blue lights, they should be allowed. However, cars that have aftermarket blue headlights are illegal in most states. This ban is put in place due to the lights not being installed properly as they distract oncoming drivers because the vehicle wasn’t built for them.

When regulated, blue headlights are fine. However, if you’re wanting to install these blue headlights in your vehicle, and it does not have them, don’t install them. It is illegal and you could be faced with citations.

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