Does the Type of Gasoline I Put in my Vehicle Mean Much?

Does the Type of Gasoline I Put in my Vehicle Mean Much?

When you pull up to the pump, it’s easy to wonder what benefits your car can experience if you pay a little extra for higher octane fuel. Does it really help your car's performance or prevent future service maintenance?

The answer is - it depends. Most modern cars are designed to run on economy grade fuel, however, if your owner's manual specifies "premium fuel required", then choosing the right grade, or octane matters a lot.

Drivers who own high-performance engines need higher octane fuel because their engines generate higher compression to produce more power. These high-performance engines may experience decreased power, performance, and fuel economy if not fed the right type of octane fuel.

Which Type of Fuel Should I Be Using?

The answer is the cheapest fuel that your car's engine is designed for. Premium gas won't improve your engine's performance or produce more power if your car was designed to operate on regular octane gas. To help determine what octane rating your vehicle needs, please refer to your owner’s manual. Again, if it specifies "premium fuel required" then choose premium. If the manual specifies "premium fuel recommended," then you have a choice of regular or premium. The difference in octane grade for these types of engines can mean a slight improvement in power or fuel economy with the higher grade.

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