Three Easy Steps for Safe Winter Travel

Three Easy Steps for Safe Winter Travel

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

1. Improve Your Traction

For every 10 degrees the temperature drops, your car will lose approximately 1 – 2 pounds of air pressure. When the condensing air leaves your tires, they’ll become much flatter than normal and your Tire Pressure Metering Sensor will come on. When this happens, it’s important to add air to your tires because if they’re not at the correct pressure, they will wear down and tear more quickly than normal. This will definitely affect your tread, which is extremely important on wet, slushy roads. To drive safely in wet and cold conditions, your tires need at least 4/32 inch of tread. Stop by our shop and we will perform a free tire check, including adding additional air if needed.

2. Stop on a Dime

Your brakes are the most important safety feature on your car or truck, especially when you’re travelling in wintry conditions. The ability to stop quickly while on the icy and slick roads is extremely important for your safety. If you have noticed the stopping distance isn’t as good as it used to be or you have to press down on the brake pedal harder than normal, it’s time to have your brakes inspected.

3. Make Sure You Have Power

Over the holidays, many drivers find themselves battling vehicles that refuse to start and even though we do not have many freezing days in the Waco, Texas area, cold weather is notorious for zapping car battery’s capacity to hold a charge. Most of the time, this is because of a dead or frozen battery. It’s also possible for battery fluid to freeze in extreme temperatures. The fastest way to get your car going if this happens is to have a friend help you jump start it. However, this problem will usually keep happening unless the battery is replaced. If your vehicle seems to have a hard time starting, stop by for a courtesy battery check that will tell the condition of the battery.

4. Keep your Coolant Fresh

Just as coolant is important in the summer to keep your vehicle’s engine from over heating, it is just as important in cold temperatures. Your vehicles coolant, or anti-freeze is designed to be in liquid form even when the outside temperature falls below freezing. With a simple check of your coolant by Christian Brothers Automotive in Woodway, we will be able to assure you that your coolant will not freeze even when it gets below 0 degrees. If your coolant does freeze it can possibly cause severe damage to your engine

5. Safe Driving Starts with Your Vehicle

At Christian Brothers Automotive Woodway, we are making it our goal to help you have a safe and merry holiday season. That starts with making sure your car has the ability to handle hazardous conditions and cold weather. Stop by our local auto repair shop in Waco, Texas to make sure your brakes, tires and car battery are all ready. Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Waco, Texas to schedule your maintenance or repairs today, and see the nice difference!

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