AC Repairs From Christian Brothers

If your vehicle has had AC issues in the past, now is the time to have them repaired professionally. Temperatures in Colorado Springs, CO, will get very hot and you need your AC to keep things cool. Our experienced staff assist with this through professional auto AC system inspections and repairs.

The following areas are often involved with auto AC problems:

Air Filters

Filthy cabin air filters can quickly reduce the air flow that your AC can help produce. Luckily, you can replace your filter in minutes and without spending a lot of money. At our shop, we have a huge selection of air filters in stock and can take care of these replacements for you.


If you have too much fluid in your system, it may prevent your AC from producing cold air. Too little fluid could actually ruin the system. We can ensure that everything is just right. We might also recommend a cooling system flush to remove old, acidic fluid and extend the life of your system.


As your car ages, the seals and tubes of your cooling can experience wear and tear and develop leaks. If this issue exists with your car, we will locate and repair any leaks to restore your system’s production.

Colorado Springs AC Specialists

Whether your project is limited to one of the tasks listed above or something bigger, our technicians are up to the task. By calling us for your auto AC repairs, you can stay comfortable in your car even when it’s unbearably hot outside in Colorado Springs.