3 Signs Your Car Needs Suspension Service

What does my suspension do?

Your car’s suspension system helps support the overall control of your car and offers you a smoother ride—even on the bumpiest roads. By maximizing the friction between the road and your vehicle’s tires, your suspension provides solid steering capability so you can handle your car easily and enjoy a comfortable journey.

Your suspension uses a system of springs and shock absorbers to soften the jolts caused by bumps, potholes and other irregularities found on gravel, concrete or asphalt surfaces.

Does Your Car’s Suspension Need Repair?

Early detection and repair of suspension damage can often prevent more costly problems down the road.

When drivers schedule suspension maintenance as soon as the time/mileage interval is reached, they can save time and money.

In addition to periodic service checks, we urge you to call for a suspension inspection if you notice one of the following symptoms of suspension trouble. Call Christian Brothers to schedule a suspension inspection.

Here are three symptoms that could indicate an issue with your suspension:

Symptom #1: Braking Problems

Have you realized your car is taking longer completely stop? If your car isn’t accelerating and stopping the way it used to, you may have a suspension problem. Stopping trouble, especially when your brakes are in good condition, is the first sign of an affected suspension. If you notice your car struggling to brake, call our car shop today.

Symptom #2: Unusual Noises

If you hear squeaking and clanking every time the car hits a bump, your suspension may need to be checked. The car’s suspension system acts as a shock absorber. When the car is no longer absorbing the shock from bumps and dips, it will present unusual noises. If this is the case, call our auto repair shop for a suspension inspection today.

Symptom #3: Excessive Bouncing

Similar to strange noises, a damaged suspension system could cause disproportionate bouncing and swaying. If your car usually rides smooth, but suddenly sways and moves around excessively, you could be in trouble. Calling to schedule suspension repair before the problem becomes dire could save you money later on.

The nice difference at our auto repair shop

Our professional, ASE-certified technicians are trained to detect a variety of problems that may arise with your car’s drivability. Along with skilled, knowledgeable technicians, we offer our customers the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference Warranty as a guarantee of outstanding service.

With proper suspension maintenance, you’ll spend less time in the auto shop, save money on extra repairs and help your car last longer. Call Christian Brothers Automotive to schedule a suspension check today.