Get Your AC System Ready for the Heat

Don’t wait until it is too late to have your AC system repaired. Temperatures in New Braunfels will soon hit sweltering levels and you don’t want to experience this with a broken AC. Count on our experienced staff help with this through professional AC system repairs.

Keep the following things in mind regarding your car’s AC system:

Air Filters

If you have noticed less air flowing in your car, you may have a problem with a dirty air filter. Luckily, you can swap your cabin air filter in a few minutes and without spending a lot of money. We’ll have your cabin air filter in stock and take care of replacing your old filter.


Maintaining proper fluid levels can be difficult. Too much fluid can stop the system from keeping the air cool, while not enough fluid can ruin it. We’ll get your levels in the perfect spot. It could be time to flush your car’s system, which means replacing old fluid with a new, clean replacement.


Your cooling system can develop cracks, will lead to leaks, over time. If this issue exists with your vehicle, we will locate and repair these leaks to restore functionality.

AC Repair in New Braunfels, TX

We are your resource for all AC repair work, no matter how big they may be. We’ll do what it takes to ensure your car is cool and comfortable even when the weather gets crazy hot.