Auto AC Repair Issues

Did your vehicle’s air conditioning stop working last year? You still have time to get AC service prior to triple degree heat. Be sure to get your air conditioning serviced before the hot summer months arrive.

No one wants to be stuck in a car without air conditioning. Luckily, Christian Brothers Automotive has auto repair centers throughout the country. Here are some common air conditioning problems:

Leaking Refrigerant

Tubes and seals wear down over time. As they wear down, little cracks form and lead to refrigerant leaks.

When this happens, a Christian Brothers Automotive ASE certified technician will find the source of the problem and fix the leak to the manufacturer’s standard.

Insufficient Fluid Levels

Not having the right amount of fluid can ruin your vehicle’s air conditioning system. Did you know that having too much fluid will stop the AC system from producing cold air?

Christian Brothers Automotive will only allow ASE certified technicians work on your air conditioning system. They will know the exact amount of fluid needed and replace the old fluids with fresh fluid.

Is your vehicle not blowing air as cold as it used to? Christian Brothers Automotive has ASE certified technicians who perform industry leading AC system diagnostics on our customers’ vehicles. Get your air conditioning fixed before you start sticking to your seat.

Traveling in your vehicle should not be uncomfortable. Stop sweating while you’re in your car. Call your neighborhood Christian Brothers Automotive today and schedule air conditioning service or stop by one of our auto repair centers today.