The Georgia Emission Inspection Test Explained by Grayson Auto Experts

The Georgia Emission Inspection Test Explained by Grayson Auto Experts

Helpful Facts about Georgia Vehicle Inspections

Georgia has an easy exemption for drivers with new cars. The inspection is not required for registration renewal on vehicles that are no more than three model years old. Unless you recently bought a car, it needs to be inspected before the registration can be renewed.

Plan ahead and get your inspection done a couple of weeks before the registration expires. It’s nice to have some extra time for repairs just in case your car or truck doesn’t pass the inspection the first time. There’s no need to worry, you can usually have your car re-tested for free at the same station once the repairs have been made.

The Emission Test in Grayson, GA

It’s good to know how your car will be tested before you bring it in. First, the technician will hook-up diagnostic equipment to your car or truck’s on-board computer to run a report. This process should only take 5 minutes.

Second, the technician manually inspects the gas cap. It’s important to make sure there is a good seal so that fuel doesn’t leak from it. Third, they will conduct a visual inspection of your catalytic converter to verify it’s working without any interference. The catalytic converter is responsible for breaking down the harmful exhaust fumes your car creates before they’re released into the environment.

Emission and Maintenance Repairs in Grayson

At our Christian Brothers Automotive location in Grayson, customer service is our number one concern. Our work is backed with the 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty. Our regular customers never worry about their car failing the inspection because they know it’s been taken care of. We offer complimentary inspections to any driver that comes up to our local auto repair shop. So if your car failed the test, we’ll figure out why and fix it!

Call Christian Brothers Automotive in Grayson, GA today to schedule your emission repairs and see the nice difference!