Scheduled Maintenance in Grayson, GA

When your car is due for scheduled maintenance, deliver it to Christian Brothers Automotive in Grayson. Every make of automobile is different, but they all require upkeep. Christian Brothers Automotive recommends you get your automobile serviced every 30,000 miles.

Is your auto due for scheduled upkeep? Give Christian Brothers Automotive a telephone call or come by our location in Grayson at:

2547 Loganville Highway
Grayson, GA 30017


Oil Modification
Christian Brothers Automotive recommends that you have your automobile’s oil altered every 3,000 miles. Fresh oil keeps your car’s engine operating properly and prevents future car repairs and services.

Engine Flushes
If you’ve been driving the same car for years and have never ever had the fuel system purged, your car is probably not performing at its peak. A Christian Brothers Automotive ASE-certified technician could purge your car’s engine and boost your miles per gallon and save the engine from unburned gas deposits.

Tire Rotation
Your car’s tires ought to be turned occasionally. Does your automobile drive straight? If not, the alignment is off. A bad alignment could induce serious jagged wear on your tires, which could turn into unsafe driving issues. Having your tires rotated will substantially boost the tires’ lifespan.

Every vehicle that comes into Christian Brothers Automotive goes through a Courtesy Inspection. Our ASE-certified professionals can detect little auto problems prior to them blowing up into a major repair work. Catching automobile issues early can keep your vehicle protected and save you cash in the long-term due to the fact that simple car maintenance is significantly cheaper compared to executing expensive replacements.