How To Prevent a Slipping Transmission

How To Prevent a Slipping Transmission

Car owners in Cypress tend to neglect transmission maintenance. We recommend checking your owner’s manual to find out when your automatic transmission fluid should be changed. This small maintenance item will save you from expensive mechanical problems like a slipping transmission.

There are various causes for a slipping transmission. The technicians at Christian Brothers Automotive Fairfield in Cypress, Texas, have some helpful advice to share with you about transmissions.

Check the transmission parts

Worn components are the most common cause of transmission damage. The gears may have gotten to the point to where they actually slip when they try to engage. Over time, it’s normal for these parts to age through normal use. If you hear grinding noises as you drive, take your car to a Texas auto repair shop as soon as possible! Driving with a damaged transmission can cause serious engine problems.

Replace the transmission fluid

Another cause of a slipping transmission is low transmission fluid pressure. This fluid is responsible for cooling and lubricating the components. Not having enough fluid will cause your gears to wear out quicker and may not provide enough pressure for the transmission to work. Most cars don’t have a transmission fluid dipstick at the engine bay to check it. It’s best to let a qualified mechanic get under your car or truck and take a look.

Fixing a slipping transmission

Most transmission problems are easy to repair if the vehicle is maintained properly. At our Cypress auto repair center, we suggest a full transmission flush to replace the old fluid. Simple drain and refill services only replaces about half of the fluid.

At Christian Brothers Automotive Fairfield, we know transmission problems can be difficult to deal with. After diagnosing your car or truck, we fully explain our recommendation and your alternative options. With our 2-year/24,000-mile Nice Difference warranty, you know you’re getting a quality service. Call us today at Christian Brothers Automotive Fairfield in Cypress, TX to schedule your transmission service and see the nice difference!