Overheated Engine? Come have us take a look.

Overheated Engine? Come have us take a look.

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive
When this happens to you, this can be a horrible experience and it can seem like a nightmare. Don’t stress, your car is not going to blowup in a fiery ball of despair, despite what you may think. Before your car overheats, it is a smart idea to move your car off the road and let it cool down before you proceed with your journey.

We suggest you follow these suggestions if your car overheats:

  • When you pull over, check under the hood and see if your engine is steaming: A good place to check for the steam is the car’s radiator. Thankfully, it will be obvious to know where steam is emerging from so you don’t have to prod around. You also may hear sounds of sizzle emanating from your engine.
  • Stop the A/C and turn on the heater: It may feel like a bad idea to turn on the heater if it’s the summer months, but this will work. The hot air that is pumped through your heater vents is air that is coming from the engine block, so having the heater on will aid with cooling down your engine by sucking the hot air out quicker. If your gauges are wrong, this can remedy your situation.
  • Kill the engine: If you notice the steam coming from the engine, stop the engine as soon as you can. You can’t sit there and let your car idle because the engine will take more energy. Idling causes your car to run hotter when you want to cool down the engine.
  • Pop the hood: When you open the hood, this will assist in cooling your engine. We have to take rest after our bodies heat up. Your car needs to rest and be provided with the fresh air flowing through it to cool down.
  • Look at coolant levels: Before you look at the coolant levels, let the engine cool down first. You can see the reservoir that has your engine’s coolant around the radiator. If you are having problems locating the reservoir, look at your vehicle’s manual found in your car’s glove department. It should be noted that you should not open the cap on your radiator unless the engine is completely cooled. The coolant within can spray all over you and burn your skin. If you see low levels of coolant, simply add more in the tank. If you don’t have coolant with you, you are OK to use water.

If you can drive your car without it overheating but still have a warning alert, you might just have a faulty temperature gauge and should get that inspected by your Christian Brothers mechanic in Castle Rock, CO. We also will are able to help improve the cooling system in your car. We’ll service your car and make sure it stays working. Stop by today and we’ll be able to help you!

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