Preventive Maintenance with Christian Brothers Automotive in Westfield, IN

We’ve all heard about things like oil changes, and it’s pretty clear – or maybe we should say streaky – when you need new wipers, but many people don’t know about or even understand regular maintenance when their odometers reach milestones. This lack of knowledge can lead to financially devastating problems such as your car wearing out too quickly or even complete failure like a cracked engine block. It could also mean you’re more likely to get lied to by mechanics.

Here are some ways to get to know what you should do:

  • Keep your auto clean: Looking good is very different from functionality in many instances, but keeping your car clean top to bottom is an important upkeep. If you don’t often go to the car wash, the built up dirt, sand, and salt will cause real trouble.
  • Compose a list: It can be easy to forget about car maintenance work, but a good method for getting it all done on time is to create a list of all the maintenance your car requires when you sign the title. Then, check off all the work done as your car is maintained at the various milestones. If handwritten lists aren’t your thing, there are simple digital solutions.
  • Keep a logbook: If you kept a written list of everything mechanical that is done to your vehicle, you will be better off You can use a book or app to track service appointments, and you can also track work including wipers, timing belt replacement, hose replacement and flushes with this simple trick. Consider adding fueling information and information about oil checks.
  • Study the manual: All vehicles be purchased with a manual just for them, and these booklets discuss the manufacturer’s word on keeping your auto in top shape. These recommendations can vary a lot, so they end up relying on what potentially confabulating dealers say about the maintenance their vehicle needs. We keep track of the correct upkeep for every car we service at Christian Brothers Automotive in Westfield, IN, but you can’t blindly believe all mechanics. If you do, it could thousands of extra dollars.