Honest Auto Repair Estimates

Does your vehicle need a new auto part or an auto repair? Christian Brothers Automotive provides customers with honest auto repair estimates. We tell our customers what an auto service or repair costs before performing it. Christian Brothers Automotive believes in being an honest and dependable auto repair company.

We provide our customers with Courtesy Inspections every time they bring their vehicles in for auto maintenance. A Christian Brothers Automotive Courtesy Inspection is similar to a state inspection. An ASE-certified expert technician will inspect the vehicle for potential problems. If there is a sign of a problem, the technician will tell the customer and offer to fix it. Catching auto problems early prevents needing major auto repairs or auto part replacement. The Christian Brothers Automotive way saves customers money.

Christian Brothers will never sell a customer an auto part he or she doesn’t need. A lot of auto repair companies don’t have the proper technology to diagnose complex auto problems. This leads to unnecessary auto repairs and customers receiving expensive bills. Christian Brothers Automotive also never performs auto service on a customer’s vehicle without asking for permission first. This avoids “surprise” charges.

When you need auto service, go to your local Christian Brothers Automotive. We will take care of your vehicle and provide you with industry-leading customer service. We don’t trick our customers into buying auto parts they don’t need, and we certainly don’t sell customers unnecessary auto services. If you need an honest auto repair estimate, call Christian Brothers Automotive and schedule a visit or stop by one of our auto repair centers today to find out how much money you can save by using Christian Brothers.