Are Pricey Brakes Worth It?

Are Pricey Brakes Worth It?

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Whether it’s a road trip or just the everyday to-and-fro, summer driving is back. You’ll have to consider brakes in a minute’s notice. Be confident you make the right brake choices if it’s time for brake repair.

A good pair of brakes will last 30-50,000 miles. They wear out because the friction lining, which can be made of metallic, organic or ceramic material, wears off ever so slightly every time you use the brakes. These pads push against the rotor on your wheel, stopping it.

After a car has gone through its initial brake pads, it needs new ones. There’s also the idea of performance level to think about. In this blog, we’ll discuss your brake pad installation options so you can stop when you want. You can think about stopping power, fade resistance, noise, dust and wear.

First, consider materials. You can opt for metallic for demanding driving situations. Their ability to handle heat also makes them ideal for fade resistance, so they won’t give out even if you keep your foot on the pedal for a long time. These pads can be bothersome from the get go due to noise, and they cause dusty rotors. At Christian Brothers of New Braunfels, our talented team members don’t recommend semi-metallics for most vehicles.

Next, think about organic replacement pads. Great for a quiet and clean ride, they’re at the bottom for stopping power.

Let’s get to ceramic pads. They have replaced asbestos pads. They are excellent at dealing with a variety of temps, so are as good after long drives as they are when you first put them on. They also have a long life, so you will not have to repair too often. Plus, the dust they give off is not noticeable. But know that, in the hottest environments, ceramics can damage the rotors by transferring excessive heat.

Now that you know the contents, we can talk about their construction. The main differentiator between the original manufacturer’s brakes and aftermarket ones is molding vs. glue. For the first brakes, the automobile manufacturer molds the brake pad material to the shim directly with intense pressure, lending more consistency.

Discount ones adhere with glue. You could notice to replace them sooner.

The friendly brake replacement team at Christian Brothers can tell you more. We invite you to schedule a visit.

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