Your Vehicle’s Check Engine Light

It appears to be a normal drive to work in New Braunfels. Then things take a turn when your Check Engine Light turns on. Panic sets in. What is wrong with your vehicle?

In this blog post, Christian Brothers will help you learn how this light works, what it means, and what you should do after you see it.

How Your Check Engine Light Works

Your engine control unit monitors the performance of your engine and other related components. When this computer collects data that is outside of normal function, it records a specific fault code that is related to the problem. The Check Engine Light then illuminates to alert the driver that action should be taken.

What This Light Means

There are many different issues that could cause your Check Engine Light to turn on, including spark plugs, hoses, batteries, oxygen sensors, catalytic converters, airflow sensors, and loose fuel caps. Christian Brothers uses advanced diagnostic technology to read the error code and determine what the problem is. We can then commence work and find the cause.

What Next?

If your Check Engine Light comes on, bring your car into Christian Brothers as soon as you can. Our New Braunfels technicians will work hard to fix almost any problem and help you get back behind the wheel.