4 Signs You May Need A Transmission Repair in North Dallas, TX

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The various functions of our car can be easily compared to the functions of a living organism, even to our own bodies. Just like our bodies, cars need regular care and maintenance to perform at their best. Unfortunately, another similarity to our bodies is that no matter how well you take care of it, things will eventually wear out. There are vitally important parts of our body that will cause the whole system to shut down if they are not in working order. This is the same with cars. The car’s transmission can be considered a vital organ of our vehicle. It’s malfunctioning affects many other parts and significantly alters the quality of function. The transmission repair specialists in Dallas, TX need to know your car’s issues to fix them! Let’s explore some of the many issues that could be happening with your car’s transmission to better understand how it can be kept at its best. The following is an overview of some of the major signs of trouble associated with your transmission and what they mean:

1. Leaking

Leaks under your car are usually associated with your transmission. The fluid leaking is your transmission fluid. When the fluid leaks, the transmission can’t do its job properly. If you have gear problems and you see fluid, that’s your cue to get your transmission looked at by our transmission repair specialists in Dallas, TX.

2. Noises

The noises you would hear that are associated with transmission issues are going to be noises you’ve likely never heard before. They will likely sound like a humming, buzzing, or whining. When you shift gears, there will probably be a clunking sound.

3. Gear Problems

Any problem with your gears is going to be associated with the transmission. The transmission is the part of your vehicle that converts the power from the engine to the drive shaft. If gears are not shifting smoothly, there is grinding, etc. these are all reasons to get your transmission checked by the transmission repair professionals at Christian Brothers Automotive in North Dallas, TX.

4. Burning Smells

These smells could be a result of overheating transmission fluid. If the fluid breaks down, the system runs too hot and can lead to corrosive activity and build up of debris.

It’s important to make sure your car’s vital organs are all working at their peak performance. Any ignored problem can eventually escalate to serious problems. If you want your car to have a long, healthy life and be as dependable as possible, when you notice transmission issues, bring it in for an inspection by the transmission repair experts at Christian Brothers Automotive in North Dallas, TX. We are honest and trustworthy and won’t do any unnecessary repair work on your vehicle if it does not need to be done. “We Won’t Fix it if it’s Not Broken.”

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