Should I Go to A Dealership or Local Auto Repair Shop for Service?

Should I Go to A Dealership or Local Auto Repair Shop for Service?
| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Like it or not, there will come a day when your car needs service. Whether it's routine preventive maintenance to keep things in check or a repair to get your wheels back on the road, you'll have to decide where to take your vehicle in for service, the most common being either the dealership where you purchased your vehicle or a local auto shop.

While both options will provide you the help you need to stay safe on the road, they are not built the same. Time and time again, our local auto mechanics continue to be the best choice for price, shortness of repair time, and quality of customer service.

Should I Go to a Dealership for My Vehicle's Service?

Dealerships often have auto repair shops with bays and technicians who specialize in repairing and maintaining your vehicle's specific brand. If you purchased a warranty plan for your vehicle, you'd want to make sure to go to your dealership. If you chose not to, there are still a few reasons why you may want to visit a dealership for service.

Specialized Service

If you have received a recall notice in the mail, it's best to head directly to your dealership as instructed. They are licensed to make those recall repairs. These recall repairs are free, and expenses are absorbed by the vehicle manufacturer. Some specialized services are available only at dealerships, especially if it involves software or reprogramming that the manufacturer does not sell to independent shops or if that software subscription is too expensive for a small local shop to sustain.

Original Manufacturer's Parts

If you need a part replaced, and you want to make sure everything on your car stays stock, it may be best to turn to the dealership due to the wide variety of original parts, often called OEM parts in the automotive world. OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Just know this–that original manufacturer part might carry a hefty price tag.

What Do Car Owners Think of Dealership Auto Repair?

Customers often return from dealerships informing us of outrageous prices, less than satisfactory customer service, and disjointed processes. While there are many times where you may have no other choice than to go to the dealership for service, there is a better option for routine maintenance, tune-ups, and nearly any repairs needed.

That leads to the next big question…

Should I Go to My Local Auto Repair Shop for Maintenance & Repair?

Whether your car is new or used, bring it into a local auto repair shop for quality maintenance and trustworthy repairs that are backed by more affordable prices, shorter repair times, guaranteed work, longer lasting warranties, and personalized service plans. Local repair shops often beat dealerships in so many ways.

High-Quality, Guaranteed Workmanship

We're able to complete auto repair and maintenance services on virtually any vehicle that enters our shop. Whether it's a Honda, Nissan, Ford, or Dodge, our professional technicians strive to go above and beyond in ensuring every job is completed correctly – the first time. Though it isn’t the norm, some of our shops have taken on high performance cars like Corvettes and Masseratis, classic cars like Bel-Airs, and even discontinued brands like Pontiac and Oldsmobile.

You'll be sure to receive quality work at our shop, but we also want to make sure you're protected after you leave our shop. This is where our Nice Difference Warranty comes in, offering you nationwide protection among hundreds of Christian Brothers Automotive locations for up to three years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes last. That’s right, whichever comes last.

Personalized Service & World-Class Customer Service

You’ll be partnered with a Service Advisor from the get-go, who will listen to understand your situation, serve as a liaison to your technician, and relay all the details to you. If at any moment you have additional questions or desire further understanding, our expert technicians are within reach and will gladly speak with you and provide education and advice. This personalized attention is just one of the many reasons why customers continue to choose our automotive repair services over other local and nationwide shops!

Support a Local Business Owner

While working with a national brand, you're also working with a local business. All our auto repair shops are owned and operated by a local team dedicated to serving their local communities and neighborhoods.

Ready to Get More for Less? Give Our Auto Mechanics a Call.

As you can see, choosing the local auto shop over a dealership continues to be the best choice in terms of price, time, and overall service. Personalized service plans and superior customer service are just the beginning. Our team stands apart from the rest by redefining the auto shop experience. We're proud to offer:

  • Courtesy Inspections for every vehicle that enters our shops
  • Clean and comfortable waiting areas with refreshments and free Wi-Fi
  • Access to free shuttle service
  • Before hours drop off and after hours pick up options
  • Clear and concise explanations on all services recommended

We're dedicated to you, your vehicle, and your family. When you're ready to experience the Christian Brother Automotive Nice Difference for yourself, locate your nearest CBA location online and schedule your visit. You’re driving cars to us; we’re Driving Joy to you!

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