6 Myths About Car Repair We Hear at Our Auto Shops

6 Myths About Car Repair We Hear at Our Auto Shops

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

If you own a car, then you know that vehicle maintenance is an important aspect of keeping your car in good shape and ensuring it runs safely and smoothly. However, there are many misconceptions floating around out there about car repairs and maintenance, and these myths can really cost you!

Christian Brothers Automotive is here to debunk the six common car repair myths we encountered in our auto shop. We're an auto shop network that cares a lot about you and your safety on the road, saving you money and headaches in the long run. The stakes are too high – don't fall for these myths:

Myth #1: Follow the number on the tire to properly inflate it.

No! This is actually the maximum pressure the tire can be inflated to. While the number on a tire is important, it isn’t necessarily the right air pressure your tires need. You should always check your car’s door jamb for the recommended PSI (pounds per square inch) that is specifically calculated for your vehicle. There should be a sticker there that labels how much air to put in each tire. Some vehicles recommend a tire pressure in the rear that is different from the front. This is normal.

Also, when measuring your tire pressure, be sure to know how to do so. Investing in a digital tire pressure gauge can also help ensure accuracy in your reading. If you’re in the area, stop by one of our local CBA shops - we’ll air up your tires for free!

Myth #2: My vehicle will last forever as long as I keep maintenance up.

It's best to assume that your car won't last forever, even if you do all the necessary maintenance and repair work. Cars are machines with moving parts, which naturally wear down over time. That doesn't mean you should avoid or prolong your next repair! As long as you follow the recommended service schedule and properly maintain your car, it's likely to last longer than if you don't.

Myth #3: You must replace your engine oil every 3,000 miles.

Many believe you should replace your engine oil every 3,000 miles, but this is only partially true.

That 3,000 mile mark is an estimate that depends on factors such as what type of motor oil you use and the environment in which you drive. Waiting 2,000 miles or even more beyond the recommended timeline may not destroy your engine, but don't wait too long. After too many miles, old and contaminated oil can cause a variety of problems, some a lot more expensive than others. Why? It’s because oil eventually turns thick and sludgy, loses its ability to cool and lubricate internal components, and begins to burn. So…how long should you wait between oil changes? It's best to refer to your car's manual and follow the manufacturer's instructions on how often to get an oil change.

Myth #4: Dark oil indicates it needs to be changed.

Speaking of oil changes, don't freak out if you spot dark oil when you check your fluid levels.

Oil darkens over time due to debris buildup, but this does not mean it needs to be changed immediately. Another reason for dark colored oil could be the type of oil you use. Did you know that full synthetic oil has a detergent built into it that helps to constantly clean internal components? It does! That’s why so often your oil looks dark so quickly. As stated above, check the owner’s manual for recommended intervals for changing oil based on driving conditions and the type of oil used.


If you want more peace of mind that your engine oil is still safe for your vehicle, then consider how it smells: if it emits a burning odor, it's probably time for an oil change. If not, it should be categorized as normal wear and tear.

Myth #5: DIY auto repairs are always less expensive than taking it to a shop.

You might think you're saving money with DIY repairs, but often this isn't the case. Some repairs are simple and can be done at home, but if it's a more complicated repair, such as brake work or engine diagnostics, it's best to leave these jobs for the professionals.

Not only do certified mechanics have the right tools to properly diagnose and repair your car, but they also specialize in proper installation techniques and can provide a warranty on the job. DIY repairs may not guarantee that same safety or quality assurance, plus if you happen to make a mistake during your repair, you'll be the only one responsible for it. At our shops we often receive guests who’ve spent hundreds of dollars troubleshooting and making repairs only to find they’ve made a repair that did not resolve the issue they are having. In these instances, the DIY route was more expensive.

Additionally, some HOAs, property management companies, and landlords don't allow car repairs in your driveway or anywhere else on your property. You may be asking for a hefty fine! Be sure to check your lease before you even consider a DIY repair.

Myth #6: Vehicle servicing at independent shops voids your car warranty.

Another belief is that getting your car repaired anywhere other than your dealership will void your warranty. This is false if the service meets manufacturer standards; your warranty should remain intact regardless of where you take your vehicle for service.

Get the Best Auto Repair for Your Ride with Christian Brothers Automotive

Regular maintenance and repair services on your car are essential for its longevity, optimal performance, and safety while driving around town or across the country. When searching for somewhere to get your car serviced, seek an expert repair shop like Christian Brothers Automotive.

We not only have the experience and knowledge to properly diagnose and repair your vehicle, but many of our mechanics are ASE certified to ensure the integrity of their workmanship, recommendations, and service. We also offer a Courtesy Inspection for every vehicle that enters our shop, providing you a better understanding of your car’s overall health and allowing our local owners to provide personalized, long term care for your car.

Find your local Christian Brothers Automotive repair shop today to get your car in check!

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