3 More Common Engine Problems and Their Causes

3 More Common Engine Problems and Their Causes

Just like last time, the team at Christian Brothers Automotive is here to break down three more of the most common engine problems, their causes, and what they can mean for your vehicle’s future service appointments.

1. Your Car’s Engine is Leaking

We’ve all been there. You pull out of your driveway or parking space and notice some wet spots where your vehicle was once parked. While this can certainly be caused by using your AC at full blast on a hot day, darker, more permanent spots and other signs of leaking oil can be a cause of concern for your vehicle’s health.

While any car leak is bad, an oil leak is the worst. As oil begins to drain away, your engine will have difficulty staying lubricated and working efficiently. Having a professional auto mechanic inspect and repair the problem as soon as possible is your best bet at getting back on the road sooner than later!

What Causes Oil Leaks?

More often than not, your car’s oil leak will be caused by degraded gaskets, seals, or bad connections via the pan, filter, or lines. While checking underneath your car can let you know the cause, the repairs are often a bit more than you can do at home.

2. Your Car’s Engine is Making Loud Noises

While humming, vibrating, and some noises are expected out of your engine during start-up, acceleration, and regular operation, any excessive whining, screeching, or excessive vibration coming from your vehicle’s engine needs to be inspected as soon as possible.

Some reasons why your car’s engine is being louder than normal include:

  • Worn engine mounts, causing vibration or noise
  • The engine is low on oil, possibly due to a leak
  • Internal transmission problems can cause noises that are perceived to be engine noise.

Whenever your engine sounds off, be sure to bring it to a local auto mechanic for help identifying the cause and providing a long-lasting solution.

3. Your Car’s Engine is Smoking

Smoke coming from under the hood is a good indication that your car is overheating, or that you possibly have engine oil leaking into exhaust manifolds. If you have smoke coming from the exhaust pipe, this can be caused from burning engine oil, burning engine coolant, or an abundance of unburned fuel coming through the exhaust. Coming from the exhaust or directly under the hood, it’s vital to turn your car off and pull to the side at the first sign of smoke.

Some reasons why your car’s engine may be smoking include:

  • Cracked engine block
  • Oil leaking onto the exhaust manifold
  • Damaged radiator
  • leaking water pump and/or coolant hoses
  • Faulty fuel injector
  • Damaged fuel pressure regulator
  • Worn spark plugs

While there are many reasons why your engine may be smoking, it’s always best to seek out professional help as soon as possible and limit the amount of driving done. The team at Christian Brothers Automotive can help you recover from this and the other common engine problems to get you back on the road!

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