Common DIY Auto Repairs You Should Leave to The Professionals

Common DIY Auto Repairs You Should Leave to The Professionals

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Why Do It Yourself Car Repair Should be Avoided (If Possible)

The majority of – if not all – auto repairs should be left to the professionals. Why? There are far too many problems, variables, and solutions to ensure you’re completing the best service for your vehicle, not to mention completing it properly! Skipping DIY and letting the professionals at Christian Brothers Automotive handle your automotive services helps you skip the guesswork and ensure a long-lasting repair.

But we get it: sometimes times are tough. Even though you need an expensive repair to get your wheels back on the road, this doesn’t necessarily mean you have the money to do so. While auto shops like ourselves routinely offer promotions, coupons, and the like to reduce the financial burden, sometimes you have no choice but to consider your other options besides taking your car to a local auto shop for service.

Easy Car Repairs Don’t Always Mean Easy DIY Projects

If you’re thinking about DIY auto repair, it’s important to remember that even if the repair has been described as easy before, much like the ones outlined in this blog, it doesn’t mean that the job will be easy to complete on your own, with or without the help of an online DIY guide and infinite webpages.

If any auto repairs, or maintenance for that matter, are performed without the proper knowledge, tools, or even protective gear, the results may be far beyond what you’d expect. Some dangers of DIY auto repair include:

  • Exposure to harmful chemicals and other hazards
  • Diagnosing the problem wrong and wasting time and money
  • Damaging your vehicle – even more so if you are attempting a repair
  • Costing you more in the end after repairs and inevitable service visits
  • Increased unreliability in your vehicle on and off the road
  • Creating unsafe conditions for yourself, your passengers, and the public

It takes years of education, training, and hands-on experience to become an auto mechanic or service technician, so there’s no wonder why an amateur attempting even the simplest repair on their vehicle can cause more harm than good – and even result in needing bigger repairs in the end!

Common DIY Auto Repairs You Should Leave to Your Local Auto Shop

Due to their complex nature and the additional damage amateur auto repair could cause, be sure to avoid handling these auto repairs on your own:

AC Repairs

It’s just your air conditioning system; how hard could it be? Well, for one – many AC repairs require much more than just buying a can of refrigerant and recharging the system. Not to mention, releasing refrigerant into the air is illegal and could come with a big fine. Additionally, even the most experienced DIYer can have a hard time locating the specific problem with the AC system.

Is your AC blowing hot air? Not blowing at all? Blowing cold air, but has weak airflow? With so many different possibilities, it could be due to a dirty air filter, compressor problems, or even a leak in your system! Instead of wasting time and money on quick fixes, it’s best to let an experienced mechanic handle it.

Brake & Tire Repairs

Brakes and tires work together to help your car move and stop easily. Because of how integral these two components are to your vehicle, it’s best to let a mechanic handle it for you. A poor brake pad replacement or line repair job could risk the safety of yourself, your passengers, and everyone else on the road.

It’s also important to avoid trying to perform wheel alignment or any tire balancing or rotation service at home. These are extremely dangerous and should only be performed by a trusted tire company or auto mechanic.

Transmission Repairs

There are thousands of complex parts involved in your vehicle’s transmission system that can be hard to handle without the proper knowledge of the system. Even diagnosing the specific problem within the transmission can be difficult.

In the case of rebuilding a transmission, the same complexity can cause problems. Also, the average transmission weighs around 100 to 400 pounds, making it impossible to lift on your own without the help of a team and a specialized jack.

Anything Electrical

Just like the electrical systems in your home, you shouldn’t perform any automotive electrical repairs with little to no knowledge about cars or electrical work. Making the wrong move could short out your car’s entire system, blow out fuses, and can even cause electrical shock.

How About DIY Auto Maintenance?

Since we also like to get our hands dirty, we know that you still want to take some of your car’s maintenance into your own hands. Here are some safe do-it-yourself auto maintenance tasks you can handle safely on your own without needing extra help or special tools:

Maintenance or Repairs: Turn to Our Auto Repair Mechanics for Help!

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we’re here to not only take the stress out of handling all of your car’s repairs and maintenance on your own, but we’re here to deliver the top-quality, competitively priced, and friendly service you need to never dread taking your car into a local auto shop again!

Our services start with our courtesy inspections and end with our Nice Difference Warranty, ensuring you have national protection no matter where your travels may take you.

When your vehicle needs repair or maintenance, don’t delay – locate your nearby Christian Brothers Automotive shop to schedule your visit today!

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