Pass Kindness on: National Random Acts of Kindness

Pass Kindness on: National Random Acts of Kindness

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

It is often the smallest things that make the biggest impact. Random Acts of Kindness are simple good deeds you can do at any moment to make someone’s life and the community a better place.

A random act of kindness can be defined as any thoughtful, positive spontaneous gesture you’ve done for another human being, or they have done for you, without any expectation of receiving something in return. A random act of kindness can be:

  • Giving someone your parking spot

  • Helping someone who has a flat tire

  • Paying it forward in line

  • Smiling at strangers

  • And the list goes on......

Pass Kindness on

National Random Acts of Kindness Day is celebrated on February 17th each and every year. It’s a day that encourages us to get out there and be the light that we wish to see in the world.

To honor this day and help pass kindness on, we created this unique video that features a collaboration of short-stories about real-life random acts of kindness, told from the lens of team members here at our headquarters in Houston, Texas. Our stories include kindness in all of its forms: something kind that someone did, witnessed or received, from a friend, neighbor or stranger.

For those who these stories reach, we hope that you also share your story of kindness. We believe that it’s important to share our experiences, because the miracle of kindness is that it’s contagious. One small action can release a ripple effect of people starting to pay it forward everywhere.

About Christian Brothers Automotive

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we are always looking for ways to take automotive care a step further, beyond just fixing and diagnosing a problem. Since our first store opened back in 1982, to 200 plus stores in 30 states later - kindness has always lived at the forefront of our mission to love our neighbors as ourselves in everything we do. To our team, being kind to one another, our guests, neighbors and strangers is just as important as changing oil, or rotating tires, or replacing brake pads. We believe that if you put kindness into everything you do, the world can’t help but become a better place.

At Christian Brothers Automotive, we’re more than just auto care – we’re people who care.

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