Car Talk: Favorite Automotive Technology of the 21st Century

Car Talk: Favorite Automotive Technology of the 21st Century

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Automotive technology has come a long way since hydraulic brakes (1922), automatic transmissions (1939) and the GPS navigation system (1990). In this #CarTalk video, our Auto Tech Team shares some of their favorite advancements in modern automotive technology of the 21st century.

Favorite Automotive Technology of the 21st Century Video Transcript

The Infotainment Center: By Joe, Director of Automotive Technology:

"Technology plays such a vital role in what we do every day here at Christian Brothers Automotive, that we have an entire team at headquarters that their sole purpose is to make sure all of our shops stay maintained and up to date with today’s technology. I’m Joe Hyde, Director of Automotive Technology for Christian Brothers Automotive. Let’s talk cars. Let’s take you back to headquarters and talk about our favorite technology advancements within the automotive industry.One of the coolest things that’s happened in the automotive industry when it comes to technology is the ability to connect your phone to your car. In our world, this is called the Infotainment Center. This technology above all others has provided an opportunity to actually reconnect in a disconnected world."

CAN Network: By Kyle, Automotive Support Specialist

"One of the neatest advancements in modern technology today in cars is the CAN network, which is a Controller Area Network. It’s like cities that communicate to each other through highway systems. How this benefits you as an end user is if your car does have a problem, or your check engine light comes on, we are able to plug in our diagnostic equipment and the car is able to communicate with us what’s exactly wrong with your car. So this way we’re able to look at the data and diagnose your issues more properly and effectively, this way giving you a better overall experience."

Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: By Mitch, Automotive Support Specialist

"One of my favorite advancements in modern automotive technology has been the driver assistance systems, such as your adaptive cruise control, your blind spot monitoring, backup cameras and park assist. These systems I think we’ve all experienced them, especially in the parking garage with the backup camera. We know how hard it can be to get into a tight spot. All these systems are designed to help keep you and keep us safe and make us more aware of our surroundings while we’re driving. And it’s one of those things I’m really looking forward to what additional advancements in this technology come in the next couple of years."

Thank you for tuning in to another #CarTalk moment!

Joe: "As you can see, automotive technology plays a vital role in what we do every day for your vehicles here at Christian Brothers Automotive. I’m Joe Hyde and this is another car talk moment."

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