Dinosaur gives Hugs at Christian Brothers Automotive

Dinosaur gives Hugs at Christian Brothers Automotive

| By: Christian Brothers Automotive

Despite being extinct for as far back as the Cretaceous era, a dinosaur was spotted at the headquarters of Christian Brothers Automotive giving big hugs to many of the employees with its tiny arms.

It has been reported that this dinosaur ran wild for 15 minutes throughout the office, spreading joy and laughter to all for National Hug Holiday, which is observed on Saturday, June 29 2019.

Hug Holiday was created by the “Hugs for Health Foundation” for the belief that hugs, friendship and community support are fundamental components to health and wellness.

Who is Christian Brothers Automotive:

Born out of the idea of not just being an auto repair shop, but also a neighbor, our mission is simple: to take root in the communities and people we serve across the country, and to create an uncommonly great experience for customers in need of auto service and repair.

In order to deliver on this idea, it starts with an uncommonly great experience that we deliver at our core. Celebrating Hug Holiday with "dinomite" sized hugs is just one of the many ways that Christian Brothers Automotive spreads a culture of joy, community and friendship throughout our organization.

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