Christian Brothers Automotive Celebrates National High Five Day

Christian Brothers Automotive Celebrates National High Five Day

High fives are a gesture typically associated with celebration, excitement and joy, and at Christian Brothers Automotive, we take joy seriously! We love spreading positivity around to friends, family and even strangers. So when we heard National High Five Day 2019 was coming up on April 18th, we formed a human high five train 79 people long and asked everyone to give their best high five. They delivered, and at the end, we celebrated our accomplishment with pure excitement.

History of National High Five Day

There are a variety of claims to the first documented “high five” but the consensus is that it started in the late 70’s during a sporting event.

The first official National High Five Day was in 2002 at the University of Virginia when a group of students spent the entire day giving out high fives. Since then it’s spread across the US and turned into a holiday celebrated on the third Thursday of April, each year.

The High Five Challenge

The hype around sharing a virtual high five through social media evolved in 2017 with the #High5Challenge campaign that raises awareness for CoachArt, a non-profit organization that provides art and athletics to children affected by chronic illness. The 2018 campaign was sponsored by Highfive Technologies who donated $5,000 to CoachArt. $5 for every high five social post (up to 1,000) that included the campaign hashtag.

This year in 2019 their goal is to raise up to $10,000. So if you share a video of your high five on social media, be sure to use the hashtags #NationalHighFiveDay and #High5Challenge to join the network of high-fivers nationwide!

Spread Good Vibes with a High Five on National High Five Day

High fives are a simple way to connect with another human and spread good vibes. So give a high five to anyone for any imaginable reason! In fact, give someone a high five just because you read this article!

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