A Smooth Ride: How Car Suspension Works

A Smooth Ride: How Car Suspension Works

Even the best streets aren’t perfectly smooth which is why vehicles are equipped with a suspension system. What a suspension systems does is support road handling and ride quality. Its purpose is to maximize the contact between your tires and the road itself, absorbing bumps (and shocks) for a smooth ride on all terrains. Without suspension, small bumps, potholes, speed bumps and more would cause your vehicle to bounce all over the place, resulting in loss of control on the road.

How it all works:

In a suspension system, various components work together to absorb bumps in the road, dispersing energy for a balanced ride. Although there are a different kinds of suspensions, the major components in a suspension system are equipped with some type of shock absorbers, springs and struts. How these major components work together, include:

  • Shock absorbers: Shock absorbers work to ensure all tires are in contact with the road for better control and stability. Shocks offer no structural support and instead help to prevent the springs from bouncing indefinitely, essentially working as a hydraulic pump to absorb and disperse energy.
  • Springs: Springs are a vital component in the suspension system that helps to support the vehicle’s weight, absorb road impacts, and keep all four wheels on the road.
  • Struts: Struts hold the wheels in place and support the spring. They function very similarly to a shock absorber, helping with weight and energy transfer during bumps and cornering.

Keeping your suspension system working

As with all car parts and systems, the suspension system and its’ components can and will wear throughout use and time. It’s important to keep in mind, your car’s suspension system and its primary components don’t just provide a smooth ride – they help the control, balance and handling capabilities of your vehicle. Without these components in good working condition, your driving experience will get less comfortable, more dangerous and can potentially lead to other car problems such as alignment, tire wear, steering, and braking problems.

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