The Routine Car Maintenance Checklist

The Routine Car Maintenance Checklist

CBAC Clermont - Routine MaintenanceThere’s nothing quite as important as keeping up with your vehicle’s regular maintenance requirements if you want to keep it running and save yourself money. For several of these maintenance items, your owner’s manual should provide the right intervals between repairs, including oil changes or fluid flushes.

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations is the best thing car owners can do for their vehicle. At Christian Brothers Automotive in Clermont, FL, our ASE-certified technicians are sharing this routine car maintenance checklist to help you stay on top of your important automotive repairs.

Keep Your Engine Oil Fresh

Generally, vehicles will come with a dipstick that allows you to check the engine’s oil levels. Simply remove the stick and compare the recommended level on the stick to the actual reading. You’ll also need to check if the oil is still in good condition. Oil that is murky and muddy should be changed as soon as possible.

Checking your oil regularly can also help you catch engine trouble. For example, if you find bad, murky oil in your engine, but you just had the oil changed, you can bet something is wrong.

Replace the Engine Air Filter

Another important maintenance item is replacing the engine air filter. However, checking the condition of your engine air filter could be a bit difficult, depending on your vehicle and where it’s located. Check your owner’s manual for the recommended mileage estimate. Be aware, however, that this is an estimate and if you drive in stop-and-go traffic frequently and have a long commute, your engine filter will get dirtier quicker than a car that’s only out on the open road ever so often.

Check Your Spark Plugs

Old spark plugs that are worn out or covered in buildup may be causing your car to use more fuel than should be necessary. In addition to inhibiting your engine’s efficiency, those bad spark plugs could also cause you to breakdown while out on the road. Bringing your car into our Clermont auto repair shop is the perfect time to have them checked, and we’ll let you know exactly when you need to replace them.

Helping Clermont drivers keep up with small, routine maintenance items is our specialty; we do it all the time. Minor maintenance repairs, although small, can make a big difference in how your vehicle performs. Call Christian Brothers Automotive Clermont to schedule your next automotive repair today! See the nice difference.