The Ins and Outs of Brake Pads

Whether it’s a long trip or a short drive, summer driving is here. You might have to push the brakes before you even reach 5 mph. Be sure you get it right if it’s time for brake replacement or repair.

Your brakes might last up to 50,000 miles. Top pad fabricators use metallic, organic or ceramic material to create the replacement brakes. Pads put pressure on rotors, which halt the wheels.

After a car has gone through its OEM brake pads, it needs new ones. In addition to your choices regarding what the pad is created from, you have options about the level of performance. In this article, we’ll discuss your brake pad installation options so you can stop in time, every time. The factors to consider are livability issues like noise and dust plus stopping power.

First, consider materials. In most cases, the most costly brake pads are metallic or semi-metallic. Their heat resistance also makes them good for extensive use, meaning they won’t fail even if you keep your foot on the pedal for a long period. Look for a fair amount of unwanted sound and dust. At Christian Brothers of Katy, our talented team members don’t recommend semi-metallics for typical driving.

Organic brake pads are the next category. These are nearly noiseless and dust free, but what you gain in comfort means you have less stopping power.

Next, ceramics. They are the best asbestos alternative. Ceramic pads are good for heat tolerance and fade resistance. They also last for a long time, so you won’t have to repair all the time. Plus, the dust they give off is minimal. But know that, in very high heat situations, ceramic pads can damage the rotors by transferring excessive heat.

Now for how they’re built. The main thing between auto manufacturer brakes and aftermarket models is glue vs. molding. Your car’s first brakes were molded to the shim under high pressure.

Aftermarket varieties use glue instead. You may be able to see inconsistency.

The friendly technicians at Christian Brothers can tell you more. Set up a replacement job today.