The Difference Between Winter & Summer Tires

If your vehicle has winter tires, you have probably reached the point where you need to swap them out with tires designed for warm temperatures. Read below to learn about this process and understand what your responsibilities are.

The Basics of Snow Tires

Few people enjoy driving in the snow. It's scary, difficult, and sometimes dangerous. While winter tires don't remove these challenges entirely, they can make them much more tolerable. Snow tires have distinct tread patterns and softer rubber, which leads to improved grip on snowy roads.

The Process of Switching Tires

While snow tires are great for the driving conditions often presented from November to March, they do not offer the same benefits in warmer weather. Actually, you will probably save money over time by changing your tires for the appropriate weather conditions.

In warmer temperatures, the rubber used in snow tires wears down quickly. This means you will be buying new tires sooner if you don't swap out your winter tires.

When Should You Remove Winter Tires?

After the threat of snow ends, it's time to swap your winter tires. Bring your car into Christian Brothers Automotive in Pearland and we will take care of the switch for you. Call us today for additional questions about this service.