Scheduled Maintenance Tips

Is Your Car Due for a Check-up with Christian Bros. in Katy, TX?

So you’re sitting in rush hour traffic in bored frustration, staring at the hind end of some huge truck blowing exhaust in your face, and listening to the radio voices chatter for traffic updates to hopefully find a way out. You can’t grab your phone because you’re the driver, so think about how many miles you’ve driven. If you’re close to certain limits, think of it as a sign: it’s time for regularly scheduled maintenance with Christian Brothers in Katy, TX.

We’ve all heard about things like oil changes, and it’s pretty clear – or maybe we should say streaky – when your windshield wipers go out, but many people don’t know what they’re supposed to do when their odometers reach milestones such as 60,000, 50,000, or 100,000 miles. This can cause financially devastating situations such as your car wearing out too quickly or even catastrophic engine failure. It could also puts you at risk of victimization by crooked mechanics, and car dealers.

Start getting the information you need:

• Keep a log: If you kept track of everything mechanical that is done to your auto, you will be better off You can use a list to track oil changes, and you can also track stuff like repairs and replacements with this simple trick. Tracking fuel and dipstick checks can help you track performance and will let you spot any issues early on.
• Check out the manual: All vehicles have a manual just for them, and these small books discuss the maker’s word on keeping your auto in top shape. A lot of drivers don’t know that these recommendations can vary substantially, so they end up relying on what potentially unscrupulous dealers say about the maintenance their auto requires. We know the correct specs for every auto we work on at Christian Brothers Automotive in Katy, TX, but you can’t trust all mechanics. If you do, it could thousands of extra dollars.
• Don’t forget car washes: Looking pretty is not the same as working properly when it comes to many things, but keeping your vehicle clean from roof to bumper to undercarriage is an important upkeep. If you don’t often go to the car wash, the residue will harm your paint and undercarriage.
• Make a checklist: It can be easy to skip auto maintenance work, but an easy way to plan for everything is to make a checklist of all the maintenance your auto requires right when you sign the title. Then, you can check off it all as your auto reaches. If a paper list isn’t for you, there are simple online or mobile apps.