Is Your Car Due for a Check-up with Christian Bros. in Allen, TX?

There you are, once again stuck in jammed traffic bored, staring at the trunks of the cars in front of you. You can't check your phone because you're behind the wheel, so now might be a good time to actually look at your odometer. If you're close to milestones, think of it as a sign: it's time for some auto preventative maintenance at Christian Brothers in Allen, TX

We've all heard about checking the oil, and it's hard to delay replacing worn-out wipers, but many people don't know what they're supposed to do when their vehicles reach milestones. This lack of knowledge can cause major situations such as premature failure or even complete failure like a cracked engine block. It could also puts you in danger of paying more than you should to dishonest mechanics, resellers and dealerships.

Here are some helpful hints to learn about what your vehicle needs:

• Don't forget to wash it: Looking pretty is not the same as working properly a lot of the time, but keeping your car nice and tidy top to bottom is an important maintenance. If you don't frequent the car wash, the built up dirt, sand, and salt from the roads will harm your paint and undercarriage.

• Make a checklist: Forgetting about car maintenance is common, but an easy way to plan for everything is to create a list of all the maintenance your car needs when you sign the title. Then, you can mark each item as your car is maintained at the various milestones. If handwritten lists aren't your thing, look for online or mobile apps that can help.

• List all your services: Have you ever worried because that sticker on your windshield fell off? A simple log of all the work done can solve everything. You can use a list to track oil changes, and you can also track work including transmission flushes, windshield wipers, belt and hose replacements and more with this method. Consider adding fueling information and data about oil checks you do yourself to help track fuel efficiency and spot leaks early.

• Check out your manual: All vehicles have a booklet just for their make and model, and these small books discuss the official recommendations for maintenance for your auto. These recommendations can vary a lot, so they end up relying on what potentially confabulating dealers say about the upkeep their vehicle requires. We know the correct specs for every vehicle we work on at Christian Brothers Automotive in Allen, TX, but you can't trust everyone. If you do, it could cost a pile of money over the years.