Exotic Cars in Allen

Christian Brothers Automotive in Allen: Your Resource for Exotic Car Maintenance & Repairs

You love your exotic car like you love few other things in this world. You hand-wash it on Sundays, fill it up with quality gas, and make sure food and drink stay a mile away at all times. You live for the way the car handles, how fast it accelerates, and all the looks you get from everyone around you as you drive by.

But what happens when your car needs a tune-up? Do you just take into it the repair shop that is closest to your house or offers the lowest price? With your car, this is probably not the right course of action. What you need is a place that can handle all the characteristics that make your car different from others. Christian Brothers Automotive in Allen can now provide exactly what you have been looking for.

Most auto repair shops in Allen are set up to work on only Japanese and American vehicles, the ones that make up the majority of the cars on the road. Their staff know how to work on these cars, the parts are designed for them, and the equipment is not built for exotic cars. Is this really where you want to entrust your exotic car?

Regardless of what problems your car may be experiencing, we have the equipment and parts needed to diagnose and repair it. Our Allen staff is familiar with these vehicles and will make sure they get the care they need. At every visit, you'll receive the maintenance and repairs that you need with the customer service that Christian Brothers is known for.

Some of the European and exotic models that we work with include: Jaguar, Mercedes Benz, Audi, BMW, Saab, Mini, Volvo, and Volkswagen.

Bring your European car into Christian Brothers Automotive in Allen today and find out what our staff can offer you. You'll experience the best exotic car service available in the Allen area.